Faithfull 12pc Multi Tool Blade Set in Case

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The Faithfull 12 Piece multi-tool blade set contains a selection of the most popular selling multi saw blades, allowing your multi-function tool to carry out a wider selection of projects around the home and workshop. These blades are designed for cutting wood, non-ferrous metal and allow access to difficult-to-reach places. Supplied in a handy carry case.

Set Contains:
– 3 x 22mm Bi-Metal flush cutting metal saw blades.
– 3 x 34mm CrV flush cutting wood saw blades.
– 3 x 68mm CrV flush cutting wood side set saw blades.
– 3 x 68mm CrV flush cutting wood ground set saw blades.

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Dimensions 30 × 19.1 × 2.7 cm