Roughneck 20oz Gorilla Claw Hammer

£19.99 inc.VAT

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High quality V Series claw hammer virtually unbreakable in normal use featuring a polished steel head which has been correctly hardened and tempered.

Specification and Main Points:V-Shock anti vibration system

  • Power Strike optimised balance design
  • 1 piece super strong steel construction
  • Magnetic nail holder
  • Mini claw nail remover
  • Air cushioned easy grip
  • Lanyard connection point
  • 11-010 = 567g 20oz
  • 25 year Roughneck Guarantee
  • Trade quality


This Gorilla hammer offers an increased striking power and reduced vibration.

Roughneck Gorilla V-Series claw hammers are manufactured from drop forged hardened and tempered steel.

The unique V-Shock twin beam girder shaft design acts as a damper resulting in reduced shock and vibration transmission and further controlled by an air cushioned grip.

Reduced weight in the shaft transfers the centre of gravity towards the head resulting in improved balance and reduced effort for more striking power.

The magnetic nail holder makes for effortless starting particularly in hard to reach areas.

Mini-claw allows for embedded nails to be removed with ease.

A lanyard hole in the base of the handle allows for safe and secure tethering when working at height.

The fiberglass handle is has a rubber feel lightweight extremely strong and resistant to moisture.

A quality easy grip hammer for everyday use comfortable to use and the most popular weight.