Dickies Deals is part of Richards Builders Merchants Ltd

Richards Builders Merchants started trading in 1965 when Maurice Richards, then an agricultural contractor, had the opportunity to purchase some old army barracks which he thought could be dismantled and the second hand timber sold on for further use.

In the late 60’s, the businesses current site at Doublebois was bought, continuing on from what had become an excellent start for the company. The development of this site in the late 70s included the building of large sheds, plus the creation of a large yard to meet the rapidly expanding demand for building materials and timber. In 1996 the opportunity to extend the outside space even further arose, this enabled the business to stock even more products and supply a wider range of customers. The most recent expansion to Richards Builders Merchants came in 2015, when part of a store room was opened up into retail space. This allowed the addition of new product ranges and gives the customer more room to walk around the shop.

From 1965 to the present day, Richards Builders Merchants has continued to grow from strength to strength, making sure they provide the very best service to all their customers.

Dickies Deals was a way to advertise the special offers that were available at Richards Builders Merchants, eventually however the brand became so popular that it spread online and on social media. Although the company has sold online previously, DickiesDeals.co.uk is the first time that the e-commerce side has been given the space to grow and will continue to be a huge part of Richards Builders Merchants

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